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Ductless HVAC Services in Folsom, Granite Bay, Loomis, CA and Surrounding Areas

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To upgrade an existing system or add a new one without causing too much disruption, ductless HVAC systems are a popular solution for homes that lack room for ducted AC services in Folsom.

For individuals who prioritize indoor air quality or do not currently have ductwork installed, ductless HVAC systems have many benefits. ductless AC services Folsom are important to guarantee that the HVAC systems are operating properly.

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  • Ductless Heating Installation
  • Ductless Heating Replacement
  • Ductless Heating Service
  • Ductless Heating Repair
  • Ductless Heating Maintenance
  • Ductless Heating Tune-Up

Why is ductless HVAC maintenance important?

Regular maintenance is important for your ductless HVAC system, as with any other HVAC system. Your machine and its components are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and adjusted during a routine maintenance session. Your HVAC system can be tuned during maintenance, and minor issues can be found and fixed.

Cleaning and lubricating parts, checking for wear on fan belts and cleaning unclean components like filters and coils during maintenance all contribute to the efficient operation of your heater service in Folsom.

What you can do on your own

There are a few things you can frequently do on your own to tend to the maintenance of your unit, even if you need to schedule regular cleaning and checkup with an expert at least once a year.

Clean indoor and outdoor units

Ensure the indoor and outdoor units have enough open space (at least a four-foot clearance) to allow for proper airflow and function. You should clean both the interior and outdoor units. Use a white, gentle, moist towel to clean the interior. You’ll be cleaning the condenser and coils on the outdoor unit.

Take your garden hose and gently squirt it down once you’ve made sure the component and any electricity are off. Use a hose nozzle sparingly since it may provide too much pressure and bend the delicate fins. Rinse any dirt or debris away. This chore will be much simpler to maintain and function better if you do it once a week.

Clean your indoor filters

Your indoor filters should be taken out and dusted thoroughly. If you have allergies, pets, or smokers in your house, you may want to check them more frequently than every six to eight weeks.

You should probably replace your filters if they are too dirty to clean, then start a regular program for dusting them. One of the most important components of your ductless system is your filters since they guard against dust and debris buildup.

Check for leaks

Check for leaks and obstructions in all the pipes linked to your system. Clean out the dust and dirt accumulating inside your pipes from time to time. These lead to larger obstructions and leaks, which prohibit proper operation.

What a specialist will do

Undoubtedly, there are problems that a skilled technician will control but that you as a homeowners shouldn’t. In addition to electrical connects and run capacitors, your yearly maintenance visit will check your hoses for deterrents and refrigerant leakages.

Your professional will alert you if anything needs fixing or replacing. Take advantage of the best ductless AC services Folsom, contact All-Pro for air conditioning service in Folsom now.

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