Julie R.

For several years I have had an annual maintenance contract with a major AC/heating company, but had not been at all happy with their deteriorating service. I had not noticed any problems with the operation of my system, and was not planing to renew my contract after a final routine service in January. At that appointment, however, the technicians told me that my 15 year old AC/heating system had so many issues that it would not be cost effective to repair it. I called in another major company in the area for a second opinion, but got the same treatment. Both companies used aggressive sales tactics to try to convince me to spend around $12,000 for an entirely new system, pressuring me with deadlines for special deals. They provided no alternative solutions for a more affordable repair, were not interested in discussing the options. They both also repeatedly referred to the danger of carbon monoxide leakage into the house because there was a hole in my heat exchange, causing me to feel urgency to resolve the issue.

Because I have some other, unrelated but very expensive home repair issues to deal with right now, I was especially concerned to find a more cost-effective solution. A friend and coworker recommended All Pro. Keith came and inspected the unit, determined that the heat exchange was still under warranty, and so was able to get the part replaced for free from the manufacturer (whereas the other companies were quoting me several thousand dollars for the part). Keith did not feel there were any other issues that required immediate attention, and thought I should be able to get another five years out of my system with proper maintenance. He did the repair efficiently and for a reasonable price, was professional and friendly to deal with. I was especially pleased that Keith’s company is local to Folsom and I could support a Folsom business owner. I got the problem resolved for $350 instead of $12,000, and intend to hire All Pro for my annual servicing and maintenance needs. Thank you Keith, I feel confident in recommending you highly!

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